Press Release: Assemblywoman Lupardo Gives Update On CDL Class A Young Adult Training Program

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During Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Assemblywoman Lupardo Gives Update On CDL Class A Young Adult Training Program

(Vestal, NY) – In recognition of Truck Driver Appreciation Week (September 11-17), Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo (D-Endwell) announced that 204 individuals 18 to 20 years received a CDL Class A license through the CDL Class A Young Adult Training Program. She made the announcement during a press conference at Burr Trucking in Vestal. Assemblywoman Lupardo championed the legislation that created this new program. The legislation was signed into law last year and went into effect in May. The goal was to help ease the truck driver shortage in NYS and provide young adults additional career options.

Prior to her legislation, individuals 18 to 20 years old were only eligible to apply for a CDL Class B license. The Class A license allows drivers to operate a wider variety of commercial vehicles including tractor trailers. The Young Driver program requires applicants to successfully complete 300 hour of supervised truck driver training and limits them to driving within NYS.

Assemblywoman Lupardo was joined by the Executive Director of Broome Tioga Workforce Development Bob Murphy to discuss the ways in which Broome County supports local CDL applicants. This includes up to $3,000 in tuition reimbursement as well as counseling on how to apply for positions in the trucking industry. For additional information:

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo said, “The trucking industry plays an essential role in our economy. We saw firsthand during the pandemic how a shortage of drivers disrupted the supply chain bringing goods to market. I am very glad to see so many young drivers taking advantage of this program and starting their careers earlier. I’m also glad to see B-T Workforce offering their support to this effort as well.”
Bob Murphy, Executive Director of Broome-Tioga Workforce Development, said, “Broome-Tioga Workforce is here to help people find a new career and support them entering the job market. For those looking to take advantage of this program, we can provide tuition reimbursement for training, counseling on how and where to apply, and answer any questions you have along the way. Thank you, Assemblywoman Lupardo, for your efforts to support young adults entering the trucking industry sooner than they previously were able. If you are someone interested in learning more, give us a call or stop down to our offices, we are excited to help you find your new career.”

Kendra Hems, President of NY Trucking Association, said, “National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is a perfect time to highlight the benefits of having a career in trucking. Nearly every aspect of daily life is made possible because a truck driver delivered the goods and resources people need. With the support and steadfast commitment of Assemblywoman Lupardo, young adults in New York now have an opportunity to begin professional careers directly out of high school in this essential industry. Since legislation became effective in May lowering the eligible age to become a professional driver to 18, many of our members have already had success in recruiting the younger generation into training programs to become professional truck drivers. This is truly a win-win as we work to address a significant driver shortage by providing young adults with a pathway to well-paying careers in transportation.”

For a county breakdown of applicants, please see the excel document included.