In addition to looking to the skies, Kopernik Observatory is now looking at lower utility costs after installation of a new HVAC system at its Vestal educational center. Assemblywoman Lupardo secured a $50,000 Assembly Capital Grant to help Kopernik install the new equipment, which also includes a real-time monitoring system of the geothermal and solar panel systems. $20,000 in support was also provided by the Community Foundation of South Central NY and NYSEG. High efficiency results in lower utility bills and allows businesses, like Kopernik, to invest those savings directly back into the programs they offer. The new HVAC system has allowed Kopernik to save 36% over their energy expenses from the previous year. In addition, the real-time display of how both systems operate allows Kopernik educators to integrate this information into classes and camps so the general public can learn more about how renewable energy sources can save their household some real money.

Top: Assemblywoman Lupardo with Drew Deskur of Kopernik Observatory and representatives from NYSEG and the Community Foundation of South Central NY. Bottom: Drew Deskur explains how the new HVAC system is being incorporated into lessons at Kopernik; a before and after shot of the old and new HVAC systems at Kopernik.