Lupardo honored as Kinship Champion

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Assemblywoman’s work to support kinship families recognized

(ALBANY, NY) – Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo’s leadership was recognized Thursday as she was awarded one of New York State Kincare Coalition’s top honors. The group presented Lupardo with a 2016 Outstanding Kinship Champion Award for her work supporting grandparents and other relatives who take care of children whose parents can no longer care for them.

“It’s a privilege to be their advocate,” said Lupardo, who chairs the Assembly Committee on Children and Families. “These families are the true champions, stepping in to provide love and support these children need. My committee is committed to connecting families and providers to the necessary resources they need.” Lupardo was nominated for the award by Deb Faulks, Family Support Services Director at Family Enrichment Network.

Lupardo also presented an Assembly resolution at the ceremony proclaiming September Kinship Care Month in the State of New York. Kinship care has been an ongoing priority for Lupardo during her time as Chair of the Assembly Committee on Children and Families. This year she successfully advocated for an additional $2 million in the 2016-17 State Budget for kinship programs.

Relatives who provide kinship care can include, but are not limited to; grandparents, aunts and/or uncles, and older siblings. Kinship families may also qualify to receive compensation for providing guardianship; up to $2,000 for legal services like attorney’s fees connected to obtaining guardianship, and for the child, education and training vouchers, up to $5,000 per year for college or vocational training costs, depending on availability.

For more information on kinship care services locally, call the Family Enrichment Network at (607) 723-8313.