Legislature Gives Autocycle Bill the Green Light

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Allows the Three-Wheeled Vehicles to be Operated without Motorcycle License

(ALBANY, NY) – Drivers of autocycles would no longer need a motorcycle license under legislation passed by the State Legislature. The bill (A5390/S4580), sponsored by Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo and Senator Tim Kennedy, passed the State Senate Thursday; it was approved by the Assembly in March.

“Because autocycles are driven like cars, there really is no need for a driver to have a motorcycle license to operate one,” Assemblywoman Lupardo said. “Prior to this legislation, a motorcycle license was required to even test drive an autocycle. Now drivers will be more apt to consider purchasing one, helping generate more business for dealers throughout the state. This could also be an attractive option for seniors who do not have motorcycle licenses.”

“Through this legislation, we’d be bringing New York State in line with many other states across the nation, while simultaneously strengthening safety standards for autocycle drivers,” said Senator Tim Kennedy, Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee. “I was pleased to see this legislation move forward this week, and I urge Governor Cuomo to sign this important bill into law.”

Despite its classification as a motorcycle, the operation of an autocycle is like that of an automobile, with the driver seated inside rather than straddling, steering with a steering wheel as opposed to handlebars, and using pedals (gas, brake and clutch) to accelerate and break. A motorcycle license could still be used for operation but would no longer be necessary. New York law has been amended over the years to reflect the availability of new types of motor vehicles, from all-terrain vehicles to limited use automobiles. Autocycles are also more fuel efficient than autos, have fewer emissions, and may be a better choice for some drivers depending on their lifestyles. This bill would address the newest vehicle on the market, the autocycle. It will now be sent to Governor Cuomo for consideration.

“Thanks to the perseverance of Assemblywoman Lupardo and Senator Kennedy, small businesses and their future customers across all of New York State will benefit from this important legislation,” said Chris Sergeant, vice president of Slingshot, Polaris. “We are optimistic that Governor Cuomo will take swift action to sign it into law.”