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17 sites participating in Broome & Tioga Counties this weekend

 (BINGHAMTON, NY) – History comes alive once again this weekend as Path Through History Weekend returns to the Southern Tier. Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, Broome County Executive Jason Garnar, Tioga County Legislative Chair Martha Sauerbrey, Judi Hess from Visit Binghamton, and Becca Maffei from Experience Tioga joined together Wednesday to discuss details of this year’s event.

“Path Through History goes beyond learning about our community’s story; it allows visitors to experience it,” Lupardo said. “The re-creation of the opening of the 1913 NYS Woman Suffrage Association Convention at the Landmark Church is just one example of how event organizers have worked to immerse participants in local history.”

“History is not just something that’s reserved for textbooks and museums; you can find it in every corner of our region,” said Sauerbrey. “What better way to honor the legacy of those who came before us than by highlighting their stories and contributions to our community during Path Through History Weekend.”

“We want these events and locations to highlight the historic moments that happened right here in our county,” Garnar said. “For example, Broome County played a prominent role in women’s suffrage in New York State yet many are unaware of this story. Path Through History helps ensure that these people and events are not forgotten.”

Path Through History Weekend begins this Friday, October 5th, and features 17 sites across both Broome and Tioga Counties. Events range from reenactments, museum tours, and special exhibits at historic locations throughout the region. The weekend is part of New York State’s overall effort to boost tourism.

“Visit Binghamton is so pleased to partner with the Assemblywoman Lupardo, County Executive Garnar, the Broome County Planning Department and Experience Tioga to promote our rich and diverse historical sites that both locals and visitors can enjoy,” said Judi Hess, Director of Visit Binghamton.

“Path Through History attracts visitors from across the state to our region,” said Rebecca Maffei, Director of Tioga County Tourism. “It is our hope that these events will introduce them not only to our rich history, but to all the other wonderful things our community has to offer.”

A complete list of Path Through History events and corresponding map is available at goalloutbroome.com/pthw.