Lupardo endorsed by Manufacturers Association

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The Manufacturing & Industry Political Action Committee (MIPAC), the political action committee arm of MACNY, The Manufacturers Association and The Manufacturers Alliance of New York State, announced today its endorsement of Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo for reelection in the 123rd Assembly District. Lupardo was one of 50 state legislative candidates endorsed, and one of 26 in races for the State Assembly, only 10 of which were Democrats.

“The Southern Tier has a strong history of manufacturing,” said Lupardo. “I have been working hard to help grow our manufacturing base with a focus on new areas that our community specializes in, like local foods and transportation. I’m proud to receive MIPAC’s endorsement and will continue doing all I can to support our manufacturers and create an environment in the state so they will stay and grow.”

MIPAC interviewed candidates in races all across New York State to find those that support a pro-manufacturing and reform-minded agenda. Some of the key issues included decreasing energy costs, strengthening the State’s workforce development platform, workers compensation issues, and the increasing costs of doing business in New York State.

“What is most critical is that issues important to manufacturers are heard and understood, that the lines of communication always remain open, and that honest and open government and policy is put into effect,” said MIPAC Chairman Nathan Andrews. “With this type of Government, coupled with these Representatives in office, we believe we can create an environment that encourages and supports manufacturing in New York.”